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The world may be falling apart, but it does lead to some good writing.

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Day 17

I can’t say that I did any actual writing today. Instead I spent some time going through my outline, fixing up a few things here and there, and adding some more detailed notes to certain chapters for when I finally … Continue reading

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Day 14

Okay, so some writing got done tonight. It proved a good distraction to my constant rising stress levels. I only did this weeks goal as feeling completely brain fried felt inadvisable at this time. It’s good though because it provides … Continue reading

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Day 13

More writing completed! This weeks goal was doubled. I must say I feel both accomplished and proud of myself for getting so much done. I have realized I have limits though. Doing my weekly goal, I still feel energized afterwards. … Continue reading

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Tech Article

My article on the latest technology has finally been posted! I apologize for the photos not being in the right place. There was some formatting issues with the publishers.

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Fringe Time Travel

Science fiction has dealt with time travel and it’s implications for decades. It was popularized in television shows like Star Trek, and Doctor Who in the 1960’s. The most recent sci-fi show that delves into the science and technology involved … Continue reading

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