It’s Been a While

I know I haven’t updated in a quite a while, or been really present on word press. I do apologize for my absence.

The pandemic has risen stress and anxiety levels and it’s taken a quite a toll on everyone.

I have also been working a lot more, and things are slowing down a bit at work. I am hoping to continue with my editing and hopefully come through the other side with something better, then edit again, then get some friends of mine to take a look at it.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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Rough Draft Officially Revised

It’s official!

I have completely finished revising my rough draft! I am going to give myself the rest of the week off, and then start making the corrections on the digital copy starting Monday. I’m hoping to get through it at approximately the same speed, if not a bit faster, and then I’ll print it all out again, edit it again, and then hopefully, after making those corrections on the digital copy, be ready for publishers.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m going to take a moment and feel that I’ve accomplished a lot in the last few months. The total number of pages I had to edit has since escaped me….I know I was over 600 pages before I started part 3, and there’s somewhere around 228 pages in part 3. So, a safe assumption would definitely be over 800 pages (printed, not as a book). I am convinced that single spaced and printed as a novel, it will probably be about half that length, but I’m not sure.

I hope everyone is staying home and staying safe.

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Part one, Part two, Part three

I have officially finished editing part 2. Part one and part two are good to go, and now the final part is ready to be started. It is going to be a lot of work getting this done on the digital copy, but I’m just happy to be making progress. Part one and two combined is equal to approximately, 675 pages. The actual manuscript when completed will likely be shorter than that (at least part one and two will be). Once completely edited, I will start making adjustments on the digital copy, get feedback and make those changes, and then do one final edit before contacting publishers. It’s slow, but I’m still hoping that by January 2021, I’ll be mailing it out to a few publishing companies.

I am hoping everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times, and that everyone is looking out for one another.

Stay home, stay safe.

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Corona Virus (Covid-19)

I am officially 557 pages into my manuscript, which I believe was a total of 883 pages. I’ll have confirmation of that as I go. Lots of progress, and my first chapter has gone out to the second set of eyes. Hopefully, I hear from him soon so I can arrange to exchange the next chapter.

In light of the corona virus, also known as Covid-19, staying inside has never felt more justified. In case some of you didn’t know, I’m in Canada. As I’m sure it’s become apparent that Canada is struggling to contain Covid-19, I have never felt more comfortable with staying at home and not leaving unless absolutely necessary.

While I haven’t done any travelling, and I don’t need to self-quarantine, I do find the necessity in keeping away from crowded or populated places. If we must go grocery shopping, then we risk it, otherwise, I am staying in as much as I can.

This of course makes it very difficult to date, and I technically have a date on Friday. I’m racking my brain for an alternative way to meet up with him, given that lots of places are closed down, and I’m very nervous about being in busy places because of the virus. Despite all the posters, news articles, and video instruction to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, with either a facial tissue or your sleeve, and to wash your hands often – people still don’t abide by these rules. I’ve seen people just sneezing in the middle of a hallway or using their hands and fingers to wipe germs off their face (from the sneeze or cough). People aren’t listening to the social distancing much either; I’ve frequently seen people pushing up against others because they want to leave a store, instead of being respectful, and safe.

With everything I’ve seen for myself, and heard and listened to on the news, it doesn’t seem like Canada will be getting better; it’ll inevitably get worse before it gets better.

My overall point is, stay safe, stay indoors as much as possible (stay indoors at all times if you’re self-quarantining), and be careful. Follow the rules the governments have laid out in an effort to contain the virus and keep people safe. Practice social distancing, carry facial tissues with you in case you sneeze or cough, if you are sick, wear a mask every time you leave the house (or just stay home, that’s even better), use hand sanitizer often if you can’t wash your hands (assuming you were able to buy it before people hoarded the stuff), contact the necessary authorities if you feel as though you’re exhibiting the symptoms of covid-19. We can’t do this unless we do it all together. This is ultimately the biggest group effort that every person in every country must work towards. If we can do this all together, then we can contain and prevent further spread of the virus, but if we can’t work together, if we resort to violence just to get our hands on toilet paper, or ignore all the precautionary measures necessary to keep people safe, then we will lose this fight.

So, I ask all of you to stay safe and to follow the rules to keep everyone else safe too.

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Editing, editing, editing

I have finally breached the 500 page mark! I am officially 524 pages into my manuscript. The pile of edited work compared to the pile of unedited work, is getting larger. This is…..good news. It is a lot of progress.

I have also handed off the first chapter to the first of three people who must read it and edit it. Also progress!

So far, I do think that the flow and consistency is there. I am noticing small things and have marked them on the manuscript. Nothing huge and story changing, but small, like “did I say she already had her sweater on in the previous chapter?” kind of thing. Not an actual example, but something small like that.

I have also decided to make one structural change, which is to combine a number of chapters. This mostly came from the length of the chapters. In the first part, the chapters are pretty evenly distributed, ranging from about 15-30 pages each. In the second part, it’s a bit all over the place, ranging from 3 pages to 30. Since there are a chunk of chapters that are all more or less covering the same thing, I decided to combine a few, so that the chapters are both longer, and there’s more consistency with the length.

Normally length of chapters wouldn’t bother me, but this seems like a consistency that could throw things off. I likely did it because I only wrote a few pages on those days, OR, I did because I wanted to create more tension for the reader to keep reading. The latter can still easily be achieved with combining the chapters, so I don’t feel like I’m losing anything at all by doing it this way.

I have made so many notes, but I feel like the notes are lessening as I go through the second part. I know that I’m coming up to a rather complicated scene. A lot of the events have come to this specific scene happening, and what it will inevitably do to the main character. In my mind, there is a part of the scene that seems completely unnecessary and I have been thinking of ways that I can change it. Another part of the scene…..well, I’m worried as to whether or not it would make sense, and that it would be believable. One of my biggest issues with Man of Steel was that they had so many scenarios that could have easily been avoided. So many lives could have been saved. A big part of that was the writing behind it and the huge plot holes they created. And it irked me so much because it literally didn’t make sense as to why they didn’t just do it a different way. The scene I’m working my way up to, might have a conflict there. Is there a better way that I could have this written out? Does this make sense that it would happen this way? What kind of logic can I put in there to make this make sense? And should I add in something later to explain why it happened the way it did?

Those are all questions that are going through my mind. I figure once I’m at the scene, I’ll be able to make that decision more confidently. If not, I can make notes on it, and get my editing friends opinions on what would make the most sense, and how to work it. I’ll probably ask for their feedback regardless, since that’s what I’m trying to get from them – another set of eyes to find the things that I missed and to provide feedback and other suggestions to make it better.

Anyway, here’s to more editing, and more work to do, and slowly making the progress towards something that will hopefully be publishable.


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Blog Recommendations

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but a friend of mine created a blog a while ago, and it’s come along so well! He’s a writer, like me, and has been publishing some of his stories through blog posts on his site. He has nearly finished one, called The Witch’s Garden, and it’s very good. It’s fantasy, so anyone who enjoys a good fantasy will find some interest in it. He is nearly finished The Witch’s Garden, and will be starting the next story with in the next month, I believe. Anyone interested can check out his site DK’s Writing Desk.

Anyone looking for something new to read or even just to hear her thoughts on writing, the world, and more, I recommend Damyanti Biswas. She is a published author, and I find both her writing, blog posts, and topics she discusses to be interesting every time.

Those are my top two recommendations for anyone looking for something new to read and follow.

I apologize for any errors, there was a dog laying next to me who kept kicking me, and my screen.

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Book one, part one!

As most of you know, I’ve been editing my enormous manuscript.

I have now officially completed the first 405 pages of the printed manuscript, which is book one, or part one of three. To say that this was no great feat (for me), I would be lying. Each day I worked away on a chapter, making notes and corrections as I went. Re-verifying details through out the story as I go (since I am still technically doing this, I decided to write this sentence in the present tense), and trying to ensure consistency as I go (both character and plot).

So far, things seem to be in the style and flow that I want it to be. However, I’m also the author of it, so the pacing for me sounds right, but might be too slow in some areas for other people reading it. This is why, of course, I’ll have other people reading it and looking for specific things as they go. I look for everything, others focus on specific elements to help me narrow things down and make the right corrections and changes needed.

At this point in time, I do believe that I’ll be able to get through the whole thing before November. I’m, naturally, talking about the initial edit. The time consuming part will be giving it to different people, having them edit it, and ensuring I get it all back to make the corrections digitally as well. I am hoping to have all the returned copies back to me by November, so that I can spend December going through and making all the corrections I need to make. Then printing it out again, and ensuring that the story is still working.

Preferably, I would like to have the entire first edit, others comments as well and corrected, done before November, since I will be doing another read through of the story before I send it off to publishers. With peoples feedback, I don’t think I’ll need to have everyone look at it again, but I might get one person to go over it one more time to ensure that it works after the corrections.

I would love to have this completely ready to go by December, but I am hesitant in making that my final goal. I do, however, believe that getting it to a publisher by 2021 is realistic and I can do it.

This process has been tedious. Editing is difficult and requires a lot of focus, attention, and consistency. If you walk away from editing, and come back days or weeks later, you’re liable to miss things like consistency in plot and character. Or, I should say, I am likely to miss those things. For the most part, my system for editing is working, though I came across one snag. I made a note on the manuscript so that others might be able to help me with fixing it.

I am hoping that the last two parts will go smoothly. I have a lot to get through, that’s for sure, but I’m certain I can do it.

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Another day, another chapter

I have made some progress on my editing, and have just finished doing the first initial edit of chapter 10.

I’ve noticed that some chapters have less to change than others, particularly those that have more dialogue. I haven’t decided what I want to do with that yet, or if I’m missing something hidden in the dialogue. I guess this is why I have others helping me with editing and fixing things.

I’ve made a number of notes as I go, to help me determine plot consistency, and character consistency, in hopes of catching any flaws that might turn up later on. It’s definitely possible that I messed something up, and it’s fair that it would happen that way, primarily given the fact that I wrote it over three years, and it’s a rough draft.

I’m actually enjoying the editing process so far. I know it will get harder once I have other peoples opinions and suggestions later, but right now, it’s going relatively well.

I’m ten chapters down, 116 pages down, of over 800 pages. It’s progress! I’m about an 1/8 of the way through the story.

Some things I was worried about in the beginning was world building, but so far, it’s been smooth. I’ve made it clear the type of world I’ve created and what lives there within the first 10 chapters, and I know there are more to come later on.
My biggest concern is that some things I’ve introduced to show what type of world it is, may not be as apparent in later parts of the story, and that has me questioning how I’m gonna go about it. But I have to get there first and actually confirm that this concern, suspicion, is correct and not just in my head.

Anyway, progress is progress! I’m very tired.

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New year, new routine

finally created a routine where I’m getting editing done! I’ve gotten through the first seven chapters already (still a shit ton more to go), but it’s progress, and progress is better than being stagnant.

I think my biggest issue with editing – besides procrastination – was that I didn’t have a workable system to do it. I didn’t have a method to properly keep track of what I was doing, and being able to look at things like plot and character consistencies, and flaws that might come up. Now I do. I figured it out, and I’m very happy with myself.

Editing itself, has never been something I’ve been bad it. I can do it, and at some point I usually end up enjoying it. But I’ve also never edited something this massive before. One overarching story, with three parts, spanned over 850-900 pages, is a lot to keep track of. If it was only a few hundred pages, it’d be a totally different ordeal. I can keep track of things like that no problem. But when it’s that much, I have to have a proper system for doing it right, and not getting lost, or being unable to find something that happened earlier in the story.

I also have a few people whom I’ll have look over the story as I go. They’ll be used for different purposes: enjoyment level, grammar, story consistency and character consistency. It’s good to have a few people to catch things that you might have missed. Also, having someone read it purely to see how much they enjoy it and if they would keep reading, can help identify slow parts, lagging parts, and whether other people would actually stick it out through the whole story. If their interest starts waning or they lose it altogether, then it’s a good sign that there needs to be an upheaval in order to fix that.

My goal is to have the whole thing ready to go in December. That gives me 10-11 months, with November being iffy (NaNoWriMo). It should be enough time if I keep up my routine and get it done. I’m also hoping that the people who will be going over it with me, will be able to keep me going if I start faulting and start putting it off. Motivation and continuous poking will help keep me on track.

So here’s to something good. I’ll try to update more often about my progress, now that I’ve got something a bit more solid to update on.

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Story Ideas

Lately, the story ideas have been flowing. In the last week I’ve laid out in my mind another story to write. I wrote out a brief outline, not as long or as detailed as they usually are for me, and specific things I want to make sure are in them. At some point, I’ll put it all together and make it into something.

I still, as all of you know, have a lot of editing to do. I’ve been procrastinating a lot but in the new year I’m gonna get myself into a routine, and start editing on a more regular basis. I really need to get my shit together when it comes to editing.

Anyway, this is a short post today, but since I probably won’t update again until the new year, I will say this:

Happy Christmas/Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!!! 😀

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