Another day, another chapter

I have made some progress on my editing, and have just finished doing the first initial edit of chapter 10.

I’ve noticed that some chapters have less to change than others, particularly those that have more dialogue. I haven’t decided what I want to do with that yet, or if I’m missing something hidden in the dialogue. I guess this is why I have others helping me with editing and fixing things.

I’ve made a number of notes as I go, to help me determine plot consistency, and character consistency, in hopes of catching any flaws that might turn up later on. It’s definitely possible that I messed something up, and it’s fair that it would happen that way, primarily given the fact that I wrote it over three years, and it’s a rough draft.

I’m actually enjoying the editing process so far. I know it will get harder once I have other peoples opinions and suggestions later, but right now, it’s going relatively well.

I’m ten chapters down, 116 pages down, of over 800 pages. It’s progress! I’m about an 1/8 of the way through the story.

Some things I was worried about in the beginning was world building, but so far, it’s been smooth. I’ve made it clear the type of world I’ve created and what lives there within the first 10 chapters, and I know there are more to come later on.
My biggest concern is that some things I’ve introduced to show what type of world it is, may not be as apparent in later parts of the story, and that has me questioning how I’m gonna go about it. But I have to get there first and actually confirm that this concern, suspicion, is correct and not just in my head.

Anyway, progress is progress! I’m very tired.

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New year, new routine

finally created a routine where I’m getting editing done! I’ve gotten through the first seven chapters already (still a shit ton more to go), but it’s progress, and progress is better than being stagnant.

I think my biggest issue with editing – besides procrastination – was that I didn’t have a workable system to do it. I didn’t have a method to properly keep track of what I was doing, and being able to look at things like plot and character consistencies, and flaws that might come up. Now I do. I figured it out, and I’m very happy with myself.

Editing itself, has never been something I’ve been bad it. I can do it, and at some point I usually end up enjoying it. But I’ve also never edited something this massive before. One overarching story, with three parts, spanned over 850-900 pages, is a lot to keep track of. If it was only a few hundred pages, it’d be a totally different ordeal. I can keep track of things like that no problem. But when it’s that much, I have to have a proper system for doing it right, and not getting lost, or being unable to find something that happened earlier in the story.

I also have a few people whom I’ll have look over the story as I go. They’ll be used for different purposes: enjoyment level, grammar, story consistency and character consistency. It’s good to have a few people to catch things that you might have missed. Also, having someone read it purely to see how much they enjoy it and if they would keep reading, can help identify slow parts, lagging parts, and whether other people would actually stick it out through the whole story. If their interest starts waning or they lose it altogether, then it’s a good sign that there needs to be an upheaval in order to fix that.

My goal is to have the whole thing ready to go in December. That gives me 10-11 months, with November being iffy (NaNoWriMo). It should be enough time if I keep up my routine and get it done. I’m also hoping that the people who will be going over it with me, will be able to keep me going if I start faulting and start putting it off. Motivation and continuous poking will help keep me on track.

So here’s to something good. I’ll try to update more often about my progress, now that I’ve got something a bit more solid to update on.

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Story Ideas

Lately, the story ideas have been flowing. In the last week I’ve laid out in my mind another story to write. I wrote out a brief outline, not as long or as detailed as they usually are for me, and specific things I want to make sure are in them. At some point, I’ll put it all together and make it into something.

I still, as all of you know, have a lot of editing to do. I’ve been procrastinating a lot but in the new year I’m gonna get myself into a routine, and start editing on a more regular basis. I really need to get my shit together when it comes to editing.

Anyway, this is a short post today, but since I probably won’t update again until the new year, I will say this:

Happy Christmas/Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!!! 😀

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NaNoWriMo Day 29

One more day (unless you count today still, then two more days), until the end of National Novel Writing Month 2019.

I hope everyone managed to get to that 50,000 word goal, and that you guys feel wonderfully accomplished at the achievement! Because, quite frankly, it is one hell of an achievement! If you haven’t reached it yet, you’ve still got some time, and I know you can do it!

This month seemed to fly by, and go so fast. I can’t believe in a couple days it’s going to be December, and Christmas will be only a few weeks away. I really need to finish the Christmas gifts in time. It feels like I’m already out of time.

Anyway, if you’re still working away, keep going, you’re almost there!

Good luck in the last hours remaining until the end of the month, and just think, once you’re done, you can focus on editing, or just focus on Christmas!


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NaNoWriMo Day 25


We’re in the very last days until the end of NaNoWriMo. If you haven’t reached that 50,000 words yet, there is still five more days to get there. If you have, CONGRATULATIONS! You did it!

After I hit the 50,000 word limit, I decided to keep writing. I finished up the story, which is invariably shorter than I was hoping it would, and stopped at that point. I have a lot to edit, a lot to sort out, and I know of a few problems I will need to fix once I hunker down and get to the nitty-gritty details.

I was, admittedly, a bit disappointed about the word validating. I know some people didn’t really like it, but I kind of like obfuscating my work and throwing it into the word validater (apparently spelled incorrectly and not a word, oh well) just to have it officially counted. I updated my final word count based on scriveners project statistics and official total from start to finish. While I’m sure there would be some discrepancy between NaNoWriMo’s count and Scriveners, I still reached around 67,000 words. I really can’t complain with that total.

I’m happy that I completed the story, and will be taking a bit of break before I print it off and start editing it. I also have another manuscript that I need to finish editing as well….but as it’s total is over 800 pages and I’ve barely scratch the surface on it, I might need to work on something a bit more compressed in comparison. We’ll see.

Anyway, five more days NaNoWriMo writers! Don’t give up, keep writing. And if you’re anything like me right now, super sick, then I hope you all feel better soon!

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NaNoWriMo day 15

We made it! We’re half way through the month! By now you should be around 25,000 words, and half way to your goal. If not, and you need more words, then don’t worry, there’s still time!

So far, my writing is coming along well. I’m about half way through the entire story, and content with how some of the scenes are turning out.

I might have written one of my favourite scenes today, and I think that’s put me in a good mood. This scene allowed me to play around with world building, to show a side of something that never would’ve had the opportunity to show. It made me happy. I’m sure there’s a fair bit of editing and fixing I’ll have to do despite me being happy about writing it, BUT that’s for after November. Until November 31st, I am simply writing, writing, writing.

I don’t know how the weather has been for everyone else, but here we’ve got a fair bit of snow, and cold temperatures. So, if you’ve got anything like what I have, I hope you’re staying warm and cozy.

I hope everyone is doing well, and remember, don’t give up. You’ve got this.

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NaNoWriMo day 13

We are officially thirteen days in, and nearly half way through the month!

How is everyone doing so far? Are you starting to feel burned out, or losing motivation? It’s a long haul, I know. I have friends who won’t do the challenge solely based on the fact that they would burn out and never finish the 50,000 words.

I’m nearing my approach at 50,000 words. I plowed through the first week with high word counts, and I’m starting to slow down now. Not necessarily from lack of motivation, but, well, starting to feel a bit burned out. I know I’ll reach the 50,000 words, I know I can get there, and I plan to continue even after I reach that goal. I want to see how much I can get done by the end of the month. If I’m lucky, I’ll finish the entire rough draft of the manuscript, but I can’t be certain. I need the push and motivation in order to really reach that goal.

Anyway, I hope everyone is finding a second wind if you’re needing an extra boost. Just remember, you’ve still got lots of time to reach that 50,000 word goal, and I know you can do it. All first timers are seeing the drive for themselves, and all writers who have done the challenge again and again, know how to push themselves when they start slowing down. It’s a marathon, a long haul, but it’s doable, and I know you can all get there.

Remember that once November is done and the challenge ends, you have the chance to take a break before editing. Editing, in my opinion is far more tedious than the writing itself, and much more time consuming.

Okay, I’ve rambled on enough. Keep going! Writers, you’ve got this!

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