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Story Ideas

Lately, the story ideas have been flowing. In the last week I’ve laid out in my mind another story to write. I wrote out a brief outline, not as long or as detailed as they usually are for me, and … Continue reading

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A Hiatus

I had really no intention of disappearing from wordpress and writing blogs for so long. I’m sorry for this unplanned hiatus. I have still been writing, working through projects slowly. I’m still editing the three part manuscript which is over … Continue reading

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I have always been emotionally effected by certain music. It’s rare that some upbeat pop song will actually make me happy if I’m feeling anything but, however, I do find some songs will take control and I’ll just really feel … Continue reading

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Friend’s Blog

Hey all! I’ve been working away on manuscripts, writing scenes out of order, but mainly because I’ll have a thought and know I MUST include it, so I write in that scene really quickly (usually smack down in the middle … Continue reading

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We live in a dystopia.

It’s ironic that when I spelled “dystopia”, my computer immediately it saw it as a spelling error, giving me instead words like “dystonia”, and “dysphoria”. It’s almost as if the world wants you to believe that we are in a … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo 2018

Who’s ready for NaNoWriMo 2018??? ARE WE EXCITED?! Okay, so the all-caps might have been a bit of a stretch. I’m excited, but having finished the rough drafts of my entire manuscript, I’ve been uncertain what I want to work … Continue reading

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Which Battles Do We Choose?

How do we rationalize what is worth fighting for when it comes to a job? How do we rationalize the difference between emotional needs and professional needs? Are they the same? Do we need emotional fulfillment at the same time … Continue reading

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