About Me

My name is Rachel and this is my site!

I shoot on a mirrorless DSLR camera, specifically my Panasonic Lumix GH3. All of my work that is presented here, with one exception, was done with that camera, and quite frankly, I do love it. It has been a fair bit of experimenting, getting used to different features, and learning how to edit the files differently – I learned using a very different camera in my post grad program. So anything I post, will likely have a blog post to go along with it with anything I learned and anything interesting as well. This goes for both photography and videography.

I also happen to love to write. I’ve participated in six National Novel Writing Month challenges and plan to participate in this years, November 2020, as well. I have been working on a trilogy for the last few years, of which the initial draft has been re-worked several times to what it is now. Since finishing the rough draft of my trilogy, I have been working away on a new idea. A lot of my posts tend to be about writing. It is, ultimately, one of the loves of my life. I look forward to continuing to work on the novels and hope to have them published.

So take a look around at what I’ve posted and check out my posts. Follow if you like what you see and I’ll follow back.

(The link for a facebook page is not active, the facebook page has been deleted and does not exist. Sorry for the inconvenience, I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the link.)

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