Day 7

Another night of writing done. Unexpected writing actually.

I’d had no real intentions of writing today. It was too busy, too many responsibilities, and too many last minute plans to work around. I expected to have absolutely no time and to be fried by the end.

I was right. I am a bit fried. My energy had depleted quite a bit and by about 10pm, I was starting to feel tired and frustrated.

I came up not long after that to just relax and check a few things online. Instead, I ended up talking to a fellow writer friend of mine. I discussed with him a major concern I’d had with my story. As much as I love what I have outlined, I started feeling as though it was lacking something important to make it better. I’d always thought starting off at the beginning to understand why characters act a certain way later is more important than never really fully understanding that character and then doing the story from someone else’s perspective who is meeting that character for the first time. It’s not a bad form of writing; that method does work. I just find having a good understanding of the character that is detrimental to the plot and the development of other characters is very important too. I find it helps build characters as oppose to focusing solely on how it changes them.

Anyway, if that made any sense, that was what I was debating with my friend tonight. We discussed it and I pitched a few ideas I had for fixing up my story. He agreed with one of them so I immediately went to incorporate it. I then decided I should write some of it, so I did. I didn’t finish the chapter but I got more than half of it done and I think it’ll suit as a good introduction to the story and the main character.

Now I have to go deal with other difficult and more life changing issues. Have a good one!


About rachelsparling

I'm a writer working on a manuscript for a novel. I love to write and I've been doing it for 17 years. Through several story ideas I have figured out what works and what doesn't, and I've learned a lot about myself and my writing style. I love to read and escape to many different worlds. I've also learned a lot about good writing and bad writing through both reading a lot and acquiring an education in English literature, and becoming an ESL teacher. I enjoy filming and photographing all sorts of things and putting together short documentaries and videos. I love my camera.
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